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I will be attending a weekend retreat offering a number of intensive courses. Spouse had originally planned to join me until the course they had planned on taking lost an instructor and changed focus. So I'm going on my own.

If I was going with spouse, I would have a chance to peek out from behind my gender-normative disguise a bit, but only to the extent they would be comfortable with. That varies. Going by myself, I can go as myself if I want. But that might be challenging if I wound up sharing a room, depending on who I get, and the cost of not sharing a room is a big percentage of the (not cheap!) retreat cost.

My experience with the community interested in the retreat is that it is reasonably tolerant, and contains many accepting people. My impression is that there's a good chance that a roommate would be able to handle my expressing my gender variance.

Anyone had any experience with something like this? What happened? It's hard to measure the value of not having to misgender myself for a weekend in money, but that's what I'm facing right now. Anything I can find out will help.
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Here you go:

This is not mine, I'm only sharing. It is made by cassolotl, you can find them by that name on mastodon (, twitter and tumblr.

It's mostly just for fun, but the results will be interesting nonetheless :) (Oooh do I love surveys and weird language things. *floofs exitedly*)

hi there

Jun. 21st, 2017 09:48 pm
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Hi there.

I'm Sam and I am nonbinary, afab. I have never really felt like I have belonged in a community like this and I hope that will change. I respond to female pronouns mostly because I don't live in a position where many would respect any others. Given I don't find female pronouns especially triggering I just kind with it? Many friends simply use my name in place of pronouns and I like that.

I don't find my birth name triggering either most of the time; I just don't feel connected to it. If I hear 'Samantha' it simply does not register that someone is talking to me. However if I heard it and know I am being addressed I do find it jarring and uncomfortable. I feel like calling it triggering would be disrespectful to others who struggle far more hearing their dead names. I am privileged that the my birth name has a gender-neutral shortened version and society often immediately asks me 'do you prefer being called something else'?, usually meaning Sammy or Sam and I can then use my preferred name.

I guess for a long time I have felt caught between two worlds. Even as a non-binary person I have been accused of not being non-binary enough because of the things I have mentioned. I just want to find a place that accepts me for who I am I guess and I hope that place is here.
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Do you think the future of trans and nb community will have more to do with actions/interests/activities vs groups based around identity words? I noticed on the soon-to-be gone a community based on binding was more successful than most of the trans groups I could find. And while it was definitely trans inclusive/friendly, it didn't assume anything about the ppl posting's identities. It was purely based around the activity of binding.

On facebook there's a particular top surgery group I'm in and they've become more committed to being inclusive of nonbinary, nonconforming, and similar people. There are also people out there who are or live as binary women who want top surgery. There's been minor controversy about whether those folks should be in the group.

Also, sometimes trans women ask about binding in trans male-leaning communities--usually they are needing to hide breast growth for various reasons. I also assume some section of trans women and amab NBs might want to take hrt but might not actually want breast growth, so for them, top surgery and/or binding could be a solution.

I also wonder about the future of trans X, exclusive community/support spaces. Does birth sex assignment matter as much as previously thought?
anyway, just opening a discussion topic


May. 19th, 2017 08:47 pm
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Hello! I mostly regulate my internet self to "ziggy stardust". My friends call me variations upon ziggy, I tend to refer to myself as "zig". Anything like that will work!

I'm 26 years old and agender -- my pronouns are they/them. I suppose in some way I always knew I Wasn't Quite A Girl but I had legitimately no words or concept for that until I was about 18 to 20. I first saw and began to understand the term 'genderqueer' and it was like a lightbulb went off. From there I went on a bit of a journey -- settling on "agender" has been relatively recent, but after close to ten years I feel like this is the closest to me.

So here I am. Hi! I look forward to contributing to this community.
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Jay here. Transitioned trans male, 11 years on T as of last month (totally forgot to celebrate this year!), he/him pronouns, Madison, Wisconsin, depressed, queer, masc-ish presenting, more nonbinary than binary (probably), etc etc. Self employed reseller, amateur writer.

I'm basically just gonna make the first ten people who join admins. If you actually don't want to be an admin, comment here or PM me.
Feel free to add to the profile, recruit people, suggest user pics, and similar. Rules and guidelines will be needed at some point, though I'm hoping we can just agree to "practice mutual respect, be inclusive, no personal attacks" for simple rules.

Other people should feel free to jump in with introductions!!!!!!!!
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